Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair 2015

Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair 2015

This year we continued our concept “demonstration of our solutions in action” as a real TV studio that works in a live broadcasting to the Internet.
This time, air studio equipped with the top-end studio production system Tricaster 8000 from the company Newtek.
Functionality of the system impresses with its variety of features that allows you to implement the most innovative ideas in the studio production and opens up broad prospects for further development.
At our booth Tricaster 8000 system works in integration with additional equipment that significantly expands the functionality of the system:

  • Hardware decision Newtek TalkShow to Skype inclusions
  • The digital audio mixer Yamaha 01v96i , which controls the built-in audio mixer in Tricaster and mix own sources in the program signal
  • Remote controlled PTZ-camera Panasonic AW-HE120 is controlled directly from the Tricaster interface in manual and automatic mode
  • Camera Blackmagic Studio Camera
  • IP-cameras video surveillance NeoStar which transmit live video to Tricaster via network
  • A laptop with utility iVGA for transmission to the TriCaster video and audio from your computer desktop
  • A laptop with character generator connected to TriCaster without the Video cables
  • ... and more
  • Visit our stand and look at the work of TriCaster in action — online television “MEDIA-FAIR.TV”
    Open Hours: 20 and 21 May 2015 from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
    Place: Exhibition center “ACCO International” (Ave Pobedy, 40-B / Pushkina park/ metro station “Shulyavska”)

    If you can not visit the TV and Radio, you can watch our broadcast below
    and using Skype MediaFairTV You can ask us a question, and even become a guest of our studio

    The TV channel “MEDIA-FAIR.TV” — Live Web-broadcast of TV and Radio Fair 2015

    Day One:

    Day Two: