Tethered System

Tethered System


  • Up To 150m Length
    Thanks to the innovative ultra-thin cable included, it is possible to fly tethered Multirotor up to 150m (500ft) height.
  • Unlimited Flight Time
    Tether cable provides continuous power to the drone, so it Custom Power Source can fly permanently with no endurance limitations.
  • Custom Power Source
    Powered from Vehicle power source (12V DC) or electrical grid (110 - 230V AC) for installation on permanent stations.
  • Self-Cable Winder
    Autonomous system controlled by Autopilot controls cable release and collection, avoiding tangles and cable breaks.
  • HD Video & Data Transference
    High bandwidth Ethernet connection for video and data transmission through cable, enabling a two-way communications channel.
  • Secure Communications
    Cable data transmission enables safe data communications, avoiding jamming attacks and data piracy & capture at the time it avoids drone location.
  • Multirotor integration
    Integrated with Multirotor Autopilot, we have an advanced monitoring station.
  • Real Time Video
    Embedded high performance PC for real time video processing for target trackings, moving object detection...
  • RF Passive
    No radio emission


Base Station:

  • Size: 632x632x364 mm.
  • Weight: <60 Kg.
  • Cable Size: 150 m.
  • Power Output: 2200 W.
  • Peak Power Output: 4000 W.
  • Cable Weight: 1,65 Kg. for 150 m.
  • Double Power Input AC: 2 x 230 V.
  • Power Input DC (optional): 12 V. + battery backup
  • Power Input AC (optional): 110 V


  • Number of rotors: 6
  • Motor: Disk 4822 390kv
  • Propeller: Carbon 15x5.5
  • Size: 90x90x30 cm.
  • Payload: 3 Kg

Onboard electronic (each rotor):

  • Power Output Voltage: 24 V. <> 6S
  • Power Output: 300 W.
  • Weight: 160 g. => 0.5 g/W
  • Peak Power Output: 400 W