The lighting system for the main channel studio ‘UBG’

The lighting system for the main channel studio ‘UBG’

Customer: Media Holding Corporation 'UBG'
Development and installation of lighting system for a studio of 150 m2.

Implementation of the project: March 2012.

The company Comtel fulfilled all the necessary list of works:

- project development;
- supply and installation of equipment;
- training.

Studio hanger system consists of two zones with different levels due to the architectural features of the building. Mobile rail system is implemented in the main zone, which consists of three tracks for main light, two monorails for backlit lighting, as well as the background track, covering the length of the main area.

As the basic unit of hanger system used pantographs of the MTS, which are high quality, large torque resistance, high regidity and stability. The lighting system is made based on the studio units Kino Flo that Dedolight. We have implemented the same principle as in a small television studio: no separate stationary dimmer, all devices are equipped with built-in dimmer and controlled via the DMX interface. This scheme ensures good functionality and flexibility and movable cable system does not restrict the free placement of instruments in the working area.

Alexander Vedmid, Technical Director 'UBG' Media Holding Corp.

With channel technical service positions should be noted that from the cooperation with the Comtel company's experts were very positive impressions. For the main points of technical task we suggested several options for implementation, taking into account the financial capacity and the technical feasibility.
All stages of the project were quite accurate in time and with a deep insight into the specifics of our existing channel group technology, as well as the features of the parallel construction of other systems studio complex. Rich experience Comtel`s engineers in the implementation of such projects has allowed us to meet a beautiful, rational and fairly modern design. Very pleased with the quality and efficiency of installation and commissioning works. They were carried out in the shortest possible time due to creative development studio and making some changes to the current project.

Anton Shemyakov, the main operator of channel group 'UBG'

The difficulty lay in the fact that in a relatively small studio to be able to carry out diverse creative tasks, which are usually solved in the studios of much larger size. With a variety of lineup Dedolight and Kino Flo lighting equipment successfully achieved the necessary flexibility and versatility in the construction of light circuits. Now we can work even with a large number of people in the frame.
Very effective working combination of Kino Flo devices: ParaZip, ParaBeam and new device Imara, which perfectly complement each other and provide the necessary control of the luminous flux, high-quality light spectrum and, as a result, an excellent TV picture.
In addition, we note the absence of the user experience in the studio dimmer bulky cabinets. All studio lighting, including "hot", controlled by the DMX, with the lens apparatus Dedolight 150/650 are equipped with built-in dimmer that allows you to change the configuration of the lighting system quickly for any creative task.

Equipment list:

• Fluorescent lamp 10 devices Kinoflo Imara S10 (first supply in Ukraine!)
• Kino Flo ParaBeam 400
• Kino Flo ParaZip 400
• Dedolight 650 PO DMX
• Dedolight 150 DMX
• Remote control Smart Fade 1296, 96 control channels
• Pantographs MTS SZM25