HD on the TV channel ‘Ukraine’

HD on the TV channel ‘Ukraine’

According to the company GFK Ukraine, TV channel 'Ukraine' is one of the leading national TV channels of the country. Common channel coverage is 90% of the territory of Ukraine and covers all sectors of the population. 38.5 million Ukrainians -. Its potential audience.

TRC 'Ukraine' has at its disposal four studios in Kiev and manufactures a range of children's, entertainment, sports and news via cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcasting. 'Last year it was decided to create one of the largest media holdings in the region', says Philip Petrenko, director of the technical department. 'Thus, in early 2008 year decided to build new capacity for radio broadcasting and HD production. At least one HD channel is to start work in the near future, and it has become a serious tool for the beginning of construction of new HD capacity. We have decided that it makes no sense to invest money in the first SD, and then, after a few years, upgrading to HD. Thus, from the very beginning planned HD equipment installation',continued Philip Petrenko.

Equipment suppliers

In June last year the TV channel 'Ukraine' has signed a contract with the Grass Valley company to supply equipment to the new studio. 'We have considered offers from three different suppliers, but opted for Grass Valley, because they understood that this company can provide us with the necessary and complete set of equipment', said Philip Petrenko. 'Grass Valley has for four years been our partner because its capabilities not a secret for us'.
According to the contract, design, engineering, installation, personnel training and technical equipment sales service is operated by Comtel, one of the leading system integrators in the territory of Ukraine.
'In all the studios in total are 13 cameras GV - LDK 3000 and LDK 4000. We made this choice because most cameras in this series meet the criteria of price and quality. This allows the camera to receive the level of 'broadcast' by price 'professional', continues Philippe Petrenko.
By Philip Petrenko said compact wireless design LDK 4000 cameras, avoids the use of additional compounds and accessories. 'So, you have a well-balanced camera and reliable signal reception at a distance of up to 150 m. This characteristic makes it ideal for use in the creation of news and sports programs'. Cameras are mounted on tripods Sachtler.


In the process of selecting the channel switchers 'Ukraine' stopped at the Kayak HD 400. Two panel were installed along with a new control system and monitoring Kayenne Graphic User Interface, it is made possible to optimize the processes during the preparation and carrying out of the ether. 'Two-level menu allows the operator much easier and more effective to cause effects, choose transitions, create and modify 'timeline', but also has many other advantages', says Alexander Bogatkin, Sales Manager in Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Belarus company Grass Valley. The new software allows you to create transitions between the two signals on the AUX bus that allows you to create additional programs that do not require full mix effects. Also there is a new opportunity to activate additional, fifth and sixth, KEYS on each line of ME.
An important characteristic of Kayak console for TRC 'Ukraine' - the ability to work with multiple formats simultaneously. In the future, production can use SD sources will be converted to HD. For this Kayak uses internal converters MatchDef input signals. Another option is a one that is present in the Kayak, it 'SetDef'. This option allows to create a program in both formats simultaneously. Thus, the remote has 96 inputs, 48 ??outputs and the ability to upgrade to 16 MatchDef inputs and 8 outputs SetDef. KEYS panel has 6 IU on every line, which makes it unique in the industry. In general KEYS 24 can be used two panels. By Philip Petrenko said that the two panels 3 ME and 1 ME, provide an opportunity to allocate resources, and the effects of 'timeline', using a variety of input signals during the broadcast of important events such as the presidential elections. As well as working on two programs at the same time distributing the input signals.
At TRC 'Ukraine' is set GeckoFlex modular infrastructure of the company's Grass Valley. The system has Converters HD-SD, A / D converters and spreader modules.

Sound solution

Consoles Zircon by Lawo production have been chosen for the new studios. In addition, it is ideal to set the current configuration, it also allows the customer to expand their opportunities in the future.
Alexander Bogatkin: 'This solution has the following characteristics: simplified interface, flexible configuration to different elements and ergonomic details, touch control panel, and a two-level design'.
The equipment is constructed in a modular fashion and can have up to 40 motorized faders. This allows the directors to manage multiple levels, using three control panels for different tasks. Bogatkin said that the main advantages Zirkon has many additional accessories that will meet the diverse needs of the customer, flexible configuration for individual manufacturing processes and high-performance network for the transmission of audio signals and control for creation of joint production process between all equipment rooms.


TRC 'Ukraine' chosed graphic system Lex 2 from Chyron. This graphics platform operates in real time, the manufacturer offers a system with many possibilities to meet the needs of the graphic and technical requirements and requirements arising in the news industry. There are significant advantages, such as a continuous process from creation to output and premium option Lyric, they do LEX efficient and financially advantageous solution for the production of news, sports and live programs. Camio, it Chyron MOS interface to the news production system ANNOVA, which provides a quick process of news production, spending the least amount of time from creation to broadcast release.

Dmitry Omelyanyuk, development director of Comtel:

For us it was a very important project. Firstly, our aim was to justify the trust of the customer with respect to the single-stage integrated implementation of the largest project in Ukraine. Second, to implement the project in a fairly short period of time. On the other hand, it was very interesting, because in the creation of this project could be realized over the years accumulated experience in a large enough bulk. It was possible to apply multiple solutions that did not work before, due to the fact that in previous projects in which it was not necessary, and it has made a final decision is very nice from a technical point of view. By the implementation of the project was to attract the maximum amount of available resources. Sometimes we had to work around the clock. But the goal is achieved - the complex has earned just in time scheduled date, without any failure and almost full functionality. Of course, it would have been impossible without the selfless attitude of colleagues from TRC 'Ukraine', which with great desire and interest to join the process of development of sophisticated equipment at the time of the airing of the first news release on their own, without the help of experts of the company Comtel (we sat in the control room and observed), fully mastered the basic functionality of the complex. Very nice to hear feedback from our foreign colleagues who visited the complex, and their high scores on the ideology of construction and quality of the implementation of the complex. By the way, after this project and thanks to the recommendations of our foreign partners Comtel was invited to participate in several projects abroad.