New face of the ‘New Channel’

New face of the ‘New Channel’

In 2011, the 'New Channel' began working in a new large studio.
System integrator of the project was the company Comtel. The purpose of the work - creation of a universal studio for different television production with the possibility of rapid adjustment of light patterns on any of the possible filming platforms.

For maximum versatility and flexibility was chosen rail system, which evenly covers a working studio area. The main structural element of the hanging system is a motorized pantograph Fusilift of IFF company, those 40 pcs in the studio. Fusilift pantograph was chosen for its compact size at the highest point: in the folded state the height of only 540 mm and a maximum stroke length of 5200 mm.

The choice of lighting equipment complies the requirements to universal studio. Lens devices with incandescent lamps - a Arri with power from 300 W to 5000 W, a considerable part of them constitute a new generation of devices 1 and 2 kW series True Blue. They differ improved heat exchange system, and work in a wide range of vertical incline.

Set of fluorescent studio equipment consists of new powerful models Kino Flo VistaBeam VistaBeam 600 and 300, as well as more universal Kino Flo ParaBeam 400. All devices are Kino Flo Pole Operated. The high light intensity (and VistaBeam 600 devices are the most powerful instruments for fluorescent light fluxes prevail 2kW lens devices), high-quality spectral composition of light with low power consumption and the absence of a meaningful heating - the main advantages of luminescent devices Kino Flo.

Dimmer studio equipment consists of a fixed dimer`s cabinet and local portable dimmers by ETC. Mobile dimmer devices designed by modern technology - SineWave and can be used for additional floor lighting. Studio lighting control Element (all from the same company ETC) has a functional dynamic lighting control.

Result: universal studio responds all modern requirements of TV production, which makes it possible to find solutions for a variety of creative ideas.