ATR – the first Crimean Tatar channel

ATR – the first Crimean Tatar channel

Customer: TV channel 'ATR'
Implementation of the project: November 2011

The company Comtel fulfilled all the necessary scope of work:
- project development;
- Development and production of specialized technological furniture;
- Supply and installation of equipment;
- training.

Features of the project:
For studio lighting was designed hanging rail system, making it easy to form various scheme of the light. All lighting equipment is controlled by DMX512 protocol. For each area of ​​the light control allows you to save and load customized settings quickly.

The control room is based on a studio featuring production switcher Kayak DD-1 (GrassValley) ensuring the implementation of any creative ideas. The studio is equipped with four studio cameras DXC-D55 2/3 "(Sony) Class Professional with triax camera adapter. To record a program, play back scenes, three-channel video server HD / SD - Turbo iDDR2 of Grass Valley. The hardware includes a backup broadcast path, reserving the most important parts of the hardware studio unit.

Built a new professional studio control room.
Built studio pavilion on the basis of the rail system with the use of the most modern and high-quality studio equipment light.

Equipment list:

Studio Camera: DXC-D55 2/3 ", Sony
Video servers: Turbo iDDR2, Grass Valley
Production videosvitcher: KAYAK-DD-1, Grass Valley
Reserve matrix: Acappella HD SDI 1616, Grass Valley
Graphic design: TitleBox, DMT
Intercom (Intercom): Performer 32x16, Riedel
Audio Mixer: GL2400-424, Allen Heath
Microphone radio: a series of EW G3, Sennheiser
NLE stations: Edius, Grass Valley
Studio Light:
- Devices scattered light Parabeam, ParaZip, IMAGE, Desklite from Kino Flo;
- Devices aimed Dedolight light;
Lighting control: SmartFade 1248, ETC