Релиз обновлённого CharacterWorks 3.0

Релиз обновлённого CharacterWorks 3.0

What's New?

~ Media Support for Data Sources ~

Data sources can now include media (images, video, audio) automatically imported from local files, web URLs or even database blobs as part of their content. CW layers can display media from data sources just like regular CW footage objects, in a way similar to text content from data sources.

~ Improved Twitter Data Source ~

The Twitter Data Source now provides several additional tweet and user profile fields. In addition, avatar images and tweet media (including video) can be displayed as part of graphics. A new tabbed-layout mode allows viewing more fields per search, whereas the new user profile viewer displays user profile information for each tweet.

~ NDI Output ~

Native NDI Output support has been added, including support for 4K resolutions. Thanks to NDI, CW can now interface with a wide range of broadcasting solutions, including NewTek IP Series, Vmix, Streamstar, WireCast, Xsplit Broadcaster.

~ Live Source Input Option improvements ~

The Live Source Input option now supports NDI video sources (with alpha channel). Audio input is also supported for both NDI sources and Decklink capture cards.

~ New, Interactive, Integrated, Context-Sensitive Help System ~

Expanded, revised and improved content with links to sample projects, tutorial videos and UI indicators.

~ Media Preview ~

Footage objects and data sources now provide facilities for previewing media files.

~ Additional Data Source Enhancements ~

Data source tables can now be created from scratch, thanks to the new column and row management functions. Undo is also now supported for each table data source on an individual basis.

~ Miscellaneous Improvements ~

Remote control protocol enhancements, syntax highlighting and error tooltips for CWEL expressions, new parameter types for CWML, lots of new sample projects, templates, material and effect presets.