Comtel is one of our most progressive, courageous, responsive, technically knowledgable and pleasant partners world wide. Many impulses for product innovations, intelligent technical ideas and thoughts we get from ComTel.
Dedo Weigert Film has its 50th anniversary next year (2015). Our dedolight product line becomes 30 this year (2014). We are looking at a long company and product history.
Our products, be it the classical dedolight Series' or the new LED lines are very well recognized in the profession of image making all across the world. We love reliability and we provide customized solutions that make sense for the end user. Our products are special, and so are our partners.
Comtel's experienced team not only provides promising market developments but also very valuable feedback which we integrate in the development of the next generations of our lighting instruments.
We need innovative, responsible and reliable partnerships and this is what we find at ComTel. We thank you

Dedo Weigert Film team,